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My Projects

A current list of my active and previous projects.

Interactive Maps for the HITMAN™ Series


November 2018 - Present

"A top Hitman community resource 👍"
-- Travis, Senior Community Manager at IO Interactive

HITMAPS™ is a website I built for looking up various items in the HITMAN: World of Assassination trilogy. Each location and each mission in the Hitman games have a large amount of various items, as well as various pieces of intel. Finding a specific item can be difficult, which is where this website comes in. Users can simply search for an item using the search box, and the item they are looking for is clearly indicated on-screen. All of these items are added manually by myself and various members of the Hitman community; without them this site would be nowhere near as complete as it is today.

Technologies used:

  • Vue

  • MySQL

  • PHP 7

Mods for HESK

March 2014 - December 2019

Mods for HESK development ended as I am now working on the regular HESK project.

Mods for HESK was a compilation of various modifications, as well as a fresh new user interface for the popular, free helpdesk software HESK. I originally started this project to update the look and feel of HESK, as it used tables for layouts and was not reponsive in any way. However, using Bootstrap, along with jQuery and other libraries, I created the new interface. Upon receiving several comments and thank-you's from other users of HESK, I went ahead and created several new features that have improved upon HESK's original functionality (I'm sparing the list of features from this page as they are all available on Mods for HESK's official website).

Mods for HESK
Mobile Route Advisor for ETS2 / ATS

Mobile Route Advisor for ETS2 / ATS

Feb 2015 - Present

The "Mobile Route Advisor" for Euro Truck Simulator 2 ("ETS2") and American Truck Simulator ("ATS") is a skin for the ETS2 Telemetry Web Server. For those who have never played ETS2 or ATS before, there is a HUD in the bottom-right (or bottom-left for some users) that displays your current location on a map (similar to a GPS), information about your current job (such as income, destination), as well as damage information (i.e. truck damage and trailer damage). I created a skin, using the JSON returned from the Telemetry Web Server to mimic the Route Advisor on a mobile device, freeing up that portion of the screen. It's a small project; however many people are enjoying the benefits it provides.


I'm Mike Koch, a software developer and IT Consultant from Ohio, and I'm currently working as a Web Developer, primarily in Java and C#.

Whenever I'm not busy with work, you can find me at the golf course enjoying a round of 9 (and sometimes 18) holes, biking in the metroparks, watching a MLB game, or behind the monitor working on my next side project, which will eventually show up in my portfolio. I may also be enjoying a game, which you can find out which one I'm playing via my Steam profile.

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